Marco Podda - Composer

Marco Podda conducting by Alessio Purga
Marco Podda is a contemporary music composer. His music has contributed to the creation and success of events bearing the signatures of some of the great names of Italian and international contemporary theater. If you would like to discuss your musical requirements for an upcoming event with Marco, please feel free to contact him. He'll be happy to speak with you about how he can make a difference for your event.
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Elegia Sinfonica

Composer: Marco Podda
Director: Beatrice Venezi
Choir: Trieste Opera "G. Verdi"
Orchestra: Trieste Opera "G. Verdi"
Location: Trieste
Year: 2016

LE BACCANTI – Dionysus, il dio nato due volte

Composer: Marco Podda
Director: Daniele Salvo
Location: Italy, Rome, Vascello Theater
Year: 2016